I Zoku, Do You?

This week’s heat wave gave me an excuse to buy a Zoku frozen treat maker.  I’ve been eyeing these since last summer.


ZOKU (Photo credit: Jay。宋)

I told myself that this summer they’d come out with a “new and improved” model and the “old” model would be reduced in price and I’d buy one then.  So patiently I waited.

Fast forward to two days ago I wandered into one of my favorite stores, Williams-Sonoma, and was drawn to all the Zoku-ness.  It’s not just the idea of making the frozen treats (in 10 minutes no less), I’m a sucker for packaging and little details so I love the way it looks, all the little accessories, even the way the box feels, all nice and super-smooth.

After carefully checking out each and every Zoku offering, I decided to purchase:

The Two-at-a-Time Zoku Maker

The Zoku Accessories

The Box of Extra sticks

And one bottle each of Raspberry Lemonade flavor and Cherry Berry Flavor

I’m now Zoku obsessed, hence this blog.  I hope you’ll find it entertaining as well as informative in regards to Zoku ownership and recipes.

Coming soon:  I review each of the above purchases

In the meantime, you may wish to visit the new Pinterest board I created, creatively named, “Do You Zoku?” or my other blog, Confessions of a Muggle Mom.


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